Planed timber frame: Planed wood of own production of normalized humidity is used. This is a guaranteed condition for creating high-quality structures.

Drywall «Knauf»:  Modern material has all the certificates confirming that the products meet the environmental, sanitary-epidemiological and fire-resistant requirements of Ukraine and the European Union

OSB-3: Oriented strand board with E1 emission class. This material, according to sanitary-epidemiological expertise, is safe for human health and can be used in the construction of residential, public and industrial buildings.

Plates «Fermacell»:  High-quality gypsum-fiber boards made from gypsum and paper fiber. These two basic raw materials are mixed with water and pressed under high pressure. The result is a stable and durable composite material. Due to the structural composition of the slab, Fermacell is suitable for use in all types of wall constructions, as fire protection and in enclosing structures of wet rooms. Plate thickness of 15mm provides the ability to install electrical accessories. When constructing panel walls with the installation of Fermacell plate materials, there is no need to install additional elements for the spatial rigidity of the framework. The diffusion resistance of water vapor is 5 times greater than that of OSB-3.

Magnesite plate: It is an environmentally friendly and safe material for exterior and interior decoration. High structural strength and dimensional stability with different moisture fluctuations are provided by two layers of fiberglass reinforcing mesh in combination with mineral and organic fillers. The magnesite plate according to the “NG” flammability group is not combustible material and can withstand heating temperatures up to 1200oC, and can also keep the fire up to 2 hours. The unique design and operational characteristics of magnesite plates allow them to be used for finishing children's, medical premises and premises with high fire safety requirements.

Mineral insulation «ISOVER»:  Insulation "ISOVER" is a high-quality products made of fiberglass. Insulators "ISOVER", have excellent thermal insulation qualities, reliably protect against noise, create comfort and silence in the house. ISOVER products are safe for human health and the environment. Light and universal insulation "ISOVER" refers to a group of non-combustible materials.

Insulation «STEICO»: «STEICO» is eco-friendly thermal insulation materials; the whole range of products is marked with the natureplus® quality mark. Products are made on the basis of wood fiber with admixtures of adhesive binders. This insulation is optimal for the design of diffusion-open structures.

Insulation «ROCKWOOL»:  «Rockwool» -is a mineral wool insulation based on basalt fiber. The production technology allows to produce strong, resistant to moisture and easy to use rolls and plates, with excellent sound-absorbing properties and mechanical resistance to compression. Stone wool belongs to the class of non-combustible materials (NG) and can withstand temperatures up to 1000o degrees, so its use is possible for buildings and structures, which are subject to increased fire protection requirements.

Vapor barrier films: High-tech polyethylene roll material of primary production, designed to form a vapor-permeable protective layer on the inside of the insulation. Also, to create a comfortable microclimate, it is possible to use DELTA®-LUXX films complete with DELTA®-VENTN, which prevent convective penetration of vaporous moisture into the insulation and roof structure, and due to limited diffusion ability, it is possible to evenly remove excess moisture from the premises without the risk of condensation in the roof structure or on the interior.

Diffusion membrane: The diffusion membrane is a roll material for waterproofing. It is used for outdoor work and it is an important link in the warming of the house. The material is characterized by one-sided conductivity of moisture and is able to remove steam from the insulation, which is formed due to temperature changes and a significant increase in humidity. The use of diffusion membranes is one of the main factors determining the reliability, durability and efficiency of structures, roofs and ventilated facades.

Outdoor insulation:  At the request of the customer can be used insulation «ROCKWOOL», «ISOVER», «Steico».

Mineral plaster:  Mortar mixes for the creation of thin textured coatings. Resistant to weathering, shock loads, frost-resistant, vapor-permeable, environmentally friendly. Provides for subsequent painting with acrylic, silicate, silicone and other paints on water or organic bases.

Decorative front panels: Modern decorative facade panels act as an alternative option for cladding the outer surfaces of walls. With their help, it is possible to provide the facade of the building with reliable protection from environmental exposure, moreover, this method of lining increases the degree of sound insulation, allows you to make the exterior design of the building more accurate and aesthetic with imitation of natural stone, wood, brick and other materials.