Delivery and installation

Our company delivers the domokomplekt on specially equipped panel carriers throughout the CIS and Europe.
Installation of structures by our specialized teams is carried out in record time. A high degree of prefabrication allows you to mount a house of 200 m2 in 3 days.

All elements of the house: before loading, panels of walls, floors and roof panels undergo a visual technical inspection and only after that are they packed in protective film and loaded onto cars. Depending on the height of the panel, transportation is carried out either by panel transporters or by other large vehicles. On average, one panel truck accommodates up to 60 m2 of panels along the outer contour.

All structures are installed on a previously prepared foundation. Wall, ceiling and roof panels are interconnected by special high-strength self-tapping fasteners from Domax.Sp and reinforced KPW fasteners into a single system. The condition of the guarantee on the design is the obligatory presence of a representative of the plant to monitor the installation work.